The first time I saw Bioenergetic plates was at a lecture »Everything is Energy« two years ago. After 30 years of educating myself on the world of energies and transformations, after researching differentenergetically-charged products, the effect of this plate really surprised me!

I’m excited over the fact that the plate helps strenghten our aura and neutralises different technical radiations at the same time. The maintenance is easy and it truly is a long-term investment. My Elley is on a special place in my living room.

Thank you Mitja Lukanc for all your research and for all products which help us maintain our health and life!

– Miryam Marija Š.

If you seek it, you find it.

Bioenergetic plate with the mandala in the center brought a fresh wind in my apartment, a new quality inside my living spaces. I placed it on a positive spot im my home and turn the mandala towards the North, as I was advised to do. After a few days we were looking at each other, wondering what was in the air that made us all so calm. We smiled as we looked at our new plate, which alerted us to its presence.

There are things that change us and calm the resonance of our living spaces.

Thank you fort his experience.

– Breda Š.

We bought the plate a year ago because we immediately liked it.

There’s always a jug of drinking water on it, as per the advice of
bioenergetic therapist, and we also leave the medicine on the plate
for a few days before taking it.

We don’t understand how exactly the plate works but we feel better.

Thank you.

– M.and B.

Your plate made our room more beautiful. We all feel more peaceful
near it and it calms us down. I feel the flow of energy even when I’m
washing it with water.

Thank you.

– Špela M

I made a test using spring onions with three plates. The cells of spring onions are very similar to human’s. If spring onions are exposed to energies that are good for humans, their root hair will start to grow more intensely.

The spring onion test shows, based on the lenght of root hair of the spring onions, to which degree do the plate semit energy that is favourable to humans. There was no difference in the root hair lenght between the three bioenergetic plates (they all grew the same) but the root hair was a bit longer on the largest plate. I feel alt he plates differently and I suppose there is no rule – it depends on the structure of personal energy, some people resonate with one plate, some with the other. For me personally, the energy emitted from the plates that are not round, is the most pleasant. But I think that’s different for everybody.

As far as energy in a room goes – if your goal is to improve the energy in a certain room it’s very important where we place it. If it’s placed correctly it can harmonize the energies in a room, but I don’t think it can eliminate strong radiation.

I checked the official website to see what kind of effects it’s supposed to have. I’m sceptical about transformation of pesticides, but it does transform effects of different biological radiation.

– Tadej P. (bioenergetic therapist, dowser and crystal worker)