At the mention of ”Kama Sutra” we usually think about the sensual old Indian text about sex positions. However, it’s much more than that. It actually details a guide to the art of living well, the nature of love, finding a life partner, maintaining one’s love life and other aspects pertaining to pleasure-oriented faculties of human life. The majority of the book is about the philosophy and theory of love, what triggers desire, what sustains it, and how and when it is good or bad.

Before you dwell deep into the teachings of Kama Sutra you should know that the Kama Sutra text is one of the most pirated texts in existence and researchers agree none of its editions in other languages are translated faithfully. Meaning we don’t really know how much of the old Indian teachings are accurate.

Why are we talking about it here? Our sex life is an important part of our life. Sexual energy is also dubbing as creative energy and becuase of that we need to cherish and nurture it.

In the ancient times it was common knowledge that sex was exchange of energies between two people – or at least it should be but that wasn’t always the case (more on that later). Kama Sutra is far from the only ancient text talking about sensual secrets; both tantra and taoism have plenty to say about sex, positions, intimacy and sexual energy.

Tantra is neither yoga, meditation nor religion. In modern psychological terms, Tantra is a process which sexually reconditions the individual – freeing the mind, body and emotions of all inhibition; developing total control over all facets of sexuality, enabling you to heighten sexual pleasure in its myriad forms; and channeling your sexual energy, to call upon it to assist you in all areas of living.

QUICK TIP : in ancient times they swore to several aphrodisiacs such as saffron, fenugreeek, milk, asparagus, nutmeg and even garlic.
Celibate communities, for example certain Buddhist sects, avoid eating garlic as it is believed to make men sexually agressive.

Tantra promises you to reach a transcendental sexual level, a cosmic inner orgasm; to experience pure male-female sexuality, a return to the essence
of the universe, to Creation itself. The power of sexuality is the heart of Tantra. All-pervasive, frequent and prolonged sex. And because the female has the
capacity for prolonged sexual activity and repeated orgasm, she has – as at the creation – always been the centre of Tantric teaching.

Tantra promises that through tantric love you will manifest:

• greater intimacy and emotional depth in your relationship,

• healing in your body, mind and spirit,

• deep, powerful and multiple orgasms,

• more passion, pleasure and play,

• a rich, spiritual and sacred sex life and

• the full experience of love union.

Taoism sex practices date back to 220 AD. According to the Taosexperiece website, Taoism is a philosophical, spiritual and religious tradition that has its roots in ancient Chinese history. Taoism recognised the need to pleasure and please both parties involved in the sex act. A woman had to be stimulated so that she could also benefit from the act of sex. The arousal level of sex had to be mutual, because if one longed for the sexual act more than the other, Taoists believe that this imbalance would lead to the female creating more Jing, which would be absorbed by the male and therefore increase his Qi (energy).

QUICK TIP: the sitting sex position is said to be the best for equal energy exchange.

Whether we’re talking about Kama Sutra, tantra or taoistic erotic teachings, one thing is as plain as day: at their core, they all teach the same thing – exchange of energies between a man and a woman.

Energy is something tangible that we experience. When you’re sitting with someone on a sofa, talking with them, you pick up on their energy. If they’re glommy and in a bad mood, it’ll affect you as well. In the same way we begin exchanging energy with our partner as soon as we’re kissing for a prolonged time.

Making love is all about the exchange of energy. The more one learns about various types of energy flows at play, the deeper you can go into the sacred art of lovemaking. When thinking about positive sexual energy, a lot of people can attest to the fulfilling balance of masculine and feminine energy. Transferring these energies during sex or experiencing these energies during sex, with yourself and with other people, can help to balance out your physical, mental and emotional stress that may plague you on a regular basis.

For those who are spiritual, it is not uncommon to access enlightenment during orgasm because of the incredible exchange of sexual energy that your body ensues.

After sex, it is strongly advised to have a cleansing ritual, process or mantra. You only want to give and receive the best, and unintentional transference of energy is difficult to avoid. Negative energy exchanges can cause blockages in the energetic body, which can cause distress and even disease if not cleansed properly. Energy cleansing can happen via sea salt baths, saging, meditation, Reiki sessions and more.

Sexual energy dubbs as creative energy because with it you can manifest great things in your life. The most powerful and energetic space is the multidimensional sexual experience. It’s extremely vital before entering into a sexual experience to set the intention of what you want to manifest from the experience. Is it intimacy, is it wealth, is it health or is it just pure unadulterated pleasure? Before exchanging the physical energy, determine what you want on the emotional, energetic and spiritual levels of the sexual connection and it will manifest.

QUICK TIP: during sex in the standard position, face to face, try kissing as much as you can.
This way, the circuit of energy flowis completed and the energies rotate between two people equally.

Sex is more than just a physical act. It’s worth being aware of where your energy is before, during and after a sexual experience. Where do our Elley Bioenergetic Plates come in? With their power of cleaning, revitalising, balancing and strenghtening the energies in our bodies and in our environment they help you feel more intensely during sex and give you greater orgasms. You can place condoms on the plate and the intimate experience will be immensely different. Amazing sex can also be achieved by placing the plate under the bed.

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