Microwaves, radio waves, x-rays, mobile phones, electrical sockets, computers, tablets, sun, underground water currents… you’re exposed to various forms of radiation, most of which we don’t really think about or don’t know it emits radiation. However, radiation exposure affects all of us and it has long-lasting effects and it’s simply impossible in modern times to avoid radiation exposure.

There are more hidden sources of radiation, for example luggage that’s been through airport security. When your bags go through the scanners they collect radiation large amount of radiation that stays on them for years—centuries, even! Each time your bags or suitcases go thorugh the scanner they collect another larfge amount of radiation. This leads to uncomfortable truth that we should throw away our bags and suitcases every three or four trips.

Also be very careful and mindful where you store said bags and suitcases at home – definitely not around children, especially sick children and don’t keep it anywhere near where you sleep!

Radiation causes fast deterioration of cell tissue – vitality gets sucked out of every cell exposed to radiation, speeds up againg process rapidly, lowers immune system. You might be surprised to hear that MRIs are a source of radiation exposure. The industry doesn’t tell us that there is a specific form of radiation that comes from MRI’s that’s different from the radiation emitted by X-rays and CT scans. Also, MRIs are often performed in the same medical center or area of a medical establishment where X-rays and CT scans are performed. This means you can inadvertently get some additional radiation exposure when you go for your MRI just by being in the same area where these services are offered.

There are small things you can do to minimize your risk of radiation exposure. Let’s take our phones for example: turn off your smartphone at night, don’t use your phone while its charging, put your phone on airplane mode when you’re not using its wireless functions, don’t carry you phone in a pocket, choose to text not call for little things, avoid putting phone near your head – when calling use headphones (not bluetooth set!).

But let’s take one step at a time. What exactly is radiation? Radiation is the release, emission, or transmission of energy in forms of streams of particles or waves. It may travel through space or a certain medium. It can come in the form of heat, sound and light.

Some (but not all) sources of radiation are:

○ power lines,

○ tanning booths,

○ radio and television,

○ ultraviolet and infrared rays,

○ smartphones and mobile phones,

○ lasers,

○ satellites,

○ seismic waves,

○ heat lamps,

○ microwaves, ovens,

Radiation exposure is very dangerous and damaging to the body. Experts say even small amount of radiation (as low as 100 millisieverts) slightly raises cancer risk. Imagine what repeated radiation exposure from all around us does to our body and mind long-term.

Some effects of radiation exposure are:

○ fatigue,

○ disorientation,

○ nausea,

○ trouble with concentration,

○ cell damage,

○ rapid heart beat, 

○ hair loss,

○ irregular heartbeat,

○ vomiting,

○ low blood pressure,

○ intense and repeated headaches,

○ anxiety,

○ diarrhea,

○ infections,

○ feeling unwell,

○ malnutrition,

○ dizziness and confusion,

○ sores and skin peeling,

○ fever,

○ immune system failure.

Especially serious long-term effects are DNA damage, tumors, abnormal growth, Leukemia and eggs and sperm with damaged DNA lead to  more babies with birth defects.

We know two categories of radiation:

○ native (natural) radiation (sunlight, Earth, cosmic, water currents underground, air),

○ non-native (man-made, artifical) radiation (electronic devices and appliances such as x-rays, airport scanners,
bluetooth, MRI machines, microwaves, television, even nuclear medicine and consumer products). 

The food you put into your body can either create a base for a healthy environment or a base for an unhealthy one. To support your body from the effects of radiation exposure you can practice an anti-inflammatory diet, intermittent fasting, reduce your stress levels and improve your sleep, exercise and keep yourself hydrated.

Elley Bioenergetic plates work with bioenergy to reduce the radiation in your home dramatically. You can place the plate near electrical sockets, in a room with a lot of electronic devices or on a bedside table near your head. You can also reduce harmful effects of your smartphone by turning it off and placing it on the plate. Leave it there overnight.

The longer your Elley is with you the larger his field of reach becomes. Some companies bought Elley plates with specific purpose to reduce stress induced by many electronic devices on their employees. They report better working environment and atmosphere and their employees feel less fatigued!