After just a few hours, your iPhone’s app switcher can become cluttered and even chaotic enough that you won’t even want to use it. If you like your app switcher clean and tidy, with only your current session’s apps accessible, there’s a trick to force-quitting all apps simultaneously rather than one by one. Apple showcased a ton of new iOS 16 features coming this fall to iPhone users everywhere, but you don’t have to wait that long to get your hands on iOS 16. You can try it out right now if you’re OK running beta software on your iPhone. The Home Screen is the most important part of your iPhone when it comes to customization, and Apple is giving us even more options to customize in iOS 16.

NY-based investing app Stash raises $112 million led by Lending Tree for its mobile-first route to money management. The company reports 4.5 million users and $1 billion in assets under management. The dumb ol’ algorithm sees this fake engagement as real, as it’s less obvious than automated bot traffic.

  • People on TikTok are 1.5x more likely to instantly purchase something they discovered on the platform than other platforms’ users.
  • There are dedicated apps for image manipulation, mimicking hand drawing, and 3d modelling.
  • If your friends frequently use Facebook, you can also find them on Tik Tok via the app’s Find Facebook Friends feature.
  • In this guide, you’ll get a preview of the app to see how it works so that you can decided whether it’s worth the investment.

It is a popular behavior among the hottest of TikTokers to keep the number of people they follow to a bare minimum, all to create an aloof and in-demand identity. Mass unfollowing is also a deceptive “game” played by some users to gain more followers by initiating the following process and then stealthily unfollowing them later. The more the number of accounts you follow, the more time-consuming it’d be if you have a long “to-unfollow” list in your hand.

If the video is saved on your device, then you can just recover it from its gallery. If not, then you can implement other recovery methods that I have listed in this guide. Enable the syncing option for your TikTok videos with Google Drive or iCloud to keep them safe.

How To Upload Videos To TikTok From PC & Mac Online

Select “Video Browsing History.” When you open it, you’ll see all the videos you’ve watched with the date, time, and a link to each one. A message appears informing you that your request was received, and you’ll see the current status of the process by tapping on the “Download data” tab. Select “Download” to save your TikTok data once the file is ready. But what if you don’t have the slightest clue how to TikTok?

Click on your profile icon in the bottom right corner. Although TikTok can help you make new connections and develop followers, you can have too much of a good thing. Thankfully, you can take a break by learning how to deactivate a TikTok account temporarily. Today, we have millions of users a month from around the world, and assess more than 1,000 products a year. “It’s true TikTok has a degree of unpalatable content. But the same is also true of YouTube, it’s just that, as a newer platform, TikTok has had some trouble getting its defences in place.,” Gaffney went on to say.

The 15 Best IPhone Shortcuts You Can Use To Make Your Life Easier

To use text to speech on TikTok, tap Text while editing your video, then type in your caption and tap the Speech icon. After that, select one of the voice options and tap Done. When the browser is open, go to and paste the link in the text field. Choose the option you like and press the button again. You have 2 options to download TikTok videos with your Android devices, using our TikTok Downloaders.Download our SnapX applications on PlayStore.

Some of you might be wondering why TikTok might sound oddly similar to in terms of what you do within the apps. In late 2017, TikTok’s parent company ByteDance, purchased As a result of the merger, TikTok had smooth access to targeting the US teenage market which previously belonged to When you duet with someone, their video appears on split-screen along with yours. When the original video ends, your video also cuts off automatically.

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