If you found your way here, it’s no coincidence. You want to balance your energy as well as energies around you that affect you everyday. You’d like to improve your life and well-being. As people we generally like to discover new dimensions of living and awareness, new ways to heal, balance and renew ourselves. And we need it now more than ever with all the heavy saturation from our environment and from other people as well. So how exactly do Elley plates work and how do they affect you? Elley affects water molecules and crystals by making it of higher quality. BION, Institute for Bioelectromagnetics and New Biology is a private research institution, has tested Elley plates in three different ways using BionEvapo method (you can read the entire research findings here; it’s in our native language, slovene language). BionEvapo method is a standardized scientific method, based on dark field microscopy of solid remnants of dried water drops. It is supported by an appropriate computer software and statistical analysis.

Results of decades of foreign and our research show that the dynamic or implicit structural characteristics of water, including a specific mineral composition or a certain energy impression, may be transferred to and expressed in the texture of mineral residues after drying (evaporation). The Institute uses the BionEvapo method for observing the implicit structural changes of water (due to various factors), which are only rarely, if at all, approached by conventional methods.Elley was tested and examined based on the effect it had on structural quality of standardized water, which was cleansed of all information. The Institute discovered that Elley effected the water in a way that it re-structured its molecules. The new structure was that of a fresh, spring water! Based on those results, the Institute issued us a certificate. The certificate of BION Institute is objective and scientifically confirmed the effect Elley has on water; that in itself means it affects people, animals and all living beings which constitute of water in a certain percent.

Since we’re made out of approximately 80 % water, you can imagine what a big impact the Elley plates have on us. All biochemical reactions demand water. Water cleans and cools our body. It’s very important for the water that’s already inside of us and the water that we plan on drinking to be clean and energetically full.Various bioenergetic therapists and dowsers had participated in our research and examination. They all came to the same conclusion: Elley Bioenergetic Plates revitalise people, keeps their energy recharged and balances their chakras. Elley help us renew the energy we lost and then balances it and strengthens it. It flushes out the detrimental components out of our body and system, causing us to regenerate faster. Just being in its vicinity renews and replenishes our innate bioenergy.The effect of Elley Bioenergetic Crystal Plates is cleansing, healing, calming and harmonizing due to its vibrations and strong energetic field it creates. The right combination of color, symbols and shapes creates a strong energy center which balances the energies around us, in our environment and inside ourselves. It works in the radius of 6 meters (19 feet). The effect of Elley plate can be felt beyond the 6 meters too but it’s not as strong.

On the plate we can put food, water, clothes, jewelry and other things to cleanse them energetically, revitalise them and strengthen their own energy. Everything other people have touched will have traces of their energy and you won’t know if that energy is negative; so it’s especially important to put on the plate anything anything you ordered online to cleanse it.

Elley Bioenergy plates draw additional strength from the power of geometry and from carefully selected colour hues which also symbolize our energy centres, chakras. The geometric shapes of Elley concourse with the energies of elements air, water, earth, fire and space.

Red colour is connected to earth energy. It keeps us grounded and energetically revitalises us. It belongs to the first, root chakra. Orange colour energetically refreshes us. It belongs to ths econd, sacral chakra. Yellow colour is all about creativity and strengthening the positive energy. It belongs to the third, solar plexus chakra. Green colour symbolizes patience and enforces the energy balance in a way that both calms us down and revitalize us. It belongs to the fourth, heart chakra.

Different hues of blue colour are connected to the sky and water and they encourage energy cleansing. It belongs to the fifth, throat chakra. Indigo colour promotes intuition and connects us with the spiritual energy. It belongs to the sixth, third eye chakra. Hues of purple, pink and white spark and nourish the development of entire energy system and strengthening of dynamic energy. It belongs to the seventh, crown chakra.